Hansel Toyota D.E.E.P Award 2022

Hansel Toyota Wins DEEP Award 2022

Hansel Toyota proudly accepts the 2022 D.E.E.P Award. Hansel Toyota aligns its values with D.E.E.P, because it aligns with who we are as a company. We understand how important the environment is to us, our customers, Toyota, and our team members.

One of the greatest things for us to see is how engaged our team members were in this program. When our team came out for the creek cleanup in February, we cleared up a significant amount of trash. Overall, it was over 3,000 pounds of trash that we were able to keep from going into the river. Hansel Toyota is proud to have participated in the cleanup, as it meant a lot to our employees. Going through the D.E.E.P program helped us clean up Petaluma.

Partnering and being a pilot dealer with the D.E.E.P program has heightened some of what we already thought was hyper awareness of our environmental impact. From the simple issues of where we take out trash, and splitting our recyclable materials versus compost materials, gives our people a lot of pride. A lot of our customers make it a point to call us and say Hansel Toyota is their preferred dealer even if they have other options, because of our environmental awareness.

The D.E.E.P program’s commitment to the dealership is in line with how committed Toyota is with the relationship and the growth of Hansel Toyota.