Toyota Transmission Maintenance and Repair in Petaluma CA


Your vehicle's transmission works to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. Whether you have a Toyota truck with an automatic transmission designed to tow and haul with ease, or an elite hybrid like the Toyota Prius, or even a performance vehicle like the Toyota 86, the transmission is vital. It is smart to keep an eye out for transmission problems and also keep to a regular and reliable maintenance schedule.

Fortunately for Toyota owners, Hansel Toyota offers Toyota transmission maintenance and repair in Petaluma CA. Whether you need a regular fluid change, have a worn clutch, or some other issue we can help you out. And with our selection of high-quality Toyota parts, if the worst should happen and you need a full replacement, our Toyota-trained technicians and staff can get you an authentic Toyota transmission and install it the right way.

What are some signs of transmission problems?

If your vehicle is shaking when it switches gears, is making buzzing or clunking noises, is leaking red transmission fluid, or smells strongly of acrid, burning rubber (which is roughly what burning transmission fluid smells like) you should make a service appointment right away so our team here at Hansel Toyota can help you out. Ignoring issues like this could have a serious negative effect on your transmission and your Toyota powertrain over time.


Benefits of Regular Transmission Maintenance

If your transmission is giving off warning signs of a problem you should absolutely make an appointment right away for Toyota transmission maintenance and repair in Petaluma CA. However, regular transmission maintenance is very valuable as well. Depending on the transmission, you may want to change the fluid every 30,000 miles. For other vehicles, it is a good idea to check on the fluid levels and color in your transmission (pink or red is good, brown means it's time for a change) every 30,000 miles, but only have it replaced as necessary.

Here at Hansel Toyota in Petaluma CA we offer a wide variety of vehicle maintenance services, including all the transmission checks that you may need. Schedule an appointment with our highly trained service team today to get your necessary Toyota transmission and repair in Petaluma CA. 


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