Car battery replacement Petaluma, CA

The heat in California is consistently high, which leaves our vehicles vulnerable to wear and tear throughout the year. Whether commuting to work each day or taking road trips along the coast on the weekends, area drivers need to be mindful of every part inside and outside of their vehicles. One of the parts that sees the most damage in hotter climates is the car battery. Not only are car batteries receiving a beating because of heat and salt air exposure, they also take on the stress of consistent air conditioning, radio and phone charging use. Car batteries have a relatively long life cycle, but when it comes time to performing a car battery replacement, our team at Hansel Toyota is ready to serve drivers from Petaluma and surrounding areas.

When to change a car battery

Most car batteries have a life cycle of three to four years, but this can vary depending on geographic location, weather and usage. Car batteries are especially vulnerable if the vehicles aren't used for extended periods of time, if they are used for quick, infrequent trips and if they are older than five years. If you experience the following, be sure to replace your car battery as quickly as possible:

  • Corrosion, buildup, stains around battery terminals
  • Sulfuric odors emitted from the battery 
  • Hesitation when starting the vehicle's engine
  • Check engine light turned on

To replace your car battery with a team of trusted Toyota maintenance specialists, schedule a car maintenance appointment at Hansel Toyota today.

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